CLAN - Productos Químicos, S.L.


Since 1985, CLAN has been dealing in many kinds of chemicals. We are proud for building up a very good reputation for efficiency during this time.

Many facturers decided to take advantage of our dynamic approach to the european market by naming CLAN as the distributor of their products.

Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics and Food are the principal fields of our activity, and we are satisfied with having many market leaders as customers.

Our main goods:
-Carboxymethylcellulose calcium. (Carmellose calcium; Ca-CMC)
-Sodium Hyaluronate.
-Activated Charcoals.
-Filtration Sheets.
-Vegetable Extracts.

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CLAN-Productos Químicos, S.L.
Apartado 32
36780 A GUARDA (Spain)

Phone: (+34) 986.627.057
Fax: (+34) 986.627.359